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Elena Tkachenko
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Speech-to-Text Overview

Speech-to-Text allows you to convert your calls' voice recordings to text and store them in the CommPeak User Portal. Then you can listen to the saved recordings, view the call transcriptions, and use them to find keywords in the agent's or customer's speech.

How do you prepare your voice recordings for conversion?  

There are two ways to have your call recordings converted to text:

  • To make appropriate settings in the SPEECH TO TEXT tab of the SIP account setup. The calls complying with certain conditions will be recorded and converted.
  • To use the tester and upload recordings:
    1. Expand Speech to text in the main menu and select Tester.
    2. Specify the primary language and, optionally, up to three additional languages that you expect to occur in the recording.
    3. Select the channel(s) to transcribe. 
    4. Upload one or more files by dragging and dropping them into the upload area or finding the files on your PC.
    5. Click START NOW.

How do you select which calls should be transcribed?

You can create rules to limit the pool of calls transcribed by duration and country and select sides of the conversation to be converted to speech. Choose one of the ways:

  • On the SPEECH TO TEXT tab of the SIP account setup (VoIP Services -> SIP Accounts -> Edit).
  • In the Configure section of Speech to text:
    1. Click CREATE NEW RULE.
    1. Define the criteria for the rule as described in the Speech-to-Text Settings article.
    1. Assign the rule to one or more SIP accounts by selecting the relevant check box. 3.png
    2. Click CREATE RULE. 

How can you view your voice recognitions?

You can view your voice recordings converted to the text in Speech to text -> Recognitions.


Here you can filter the recognitions by language, keywords, and date.

What is the price for speech-to-text recognition?

You can find the current price in Speech to text -> Pricing.


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